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From our proficient legal skills to our gracious demeanor, Friedman Law Firm’s experienced criminal defense and family law attorneys have made quite a positive impression on our clients. Read our testimonials to see why clients enjoy working with us.

“We strive to provide a practical, skilled, and compassionate legal approach for everyone.”

– Lowell Friedman, Founder

“We strive to provide a practical, skilled, and compassionate legal approach for everyone.”

– Lowell Friedman, Founder

“I am very grateful for Friedman Law Firm. Lowell and Alda both helped me beyond words can express. They went above and beyond for me and my two sons and I am forever thankful. Divorce is never an easy issue, Especially when children are involved. However they helped me feel safe and gave me the closure needed to move on from a domestic violence relationship, they are heroes.”

– Lisa Guttentag

“Unfortunately, I didn’t have Lowell handle my divorce initially. I firmly believe I would have done much better with him representing myself from the start. Now with post-JOD actions, Lowell has given me the peace of mind of knowing that I am in excellent legal hands! Thank you, Lowell!”

– Orest Tarnavsky

“Lowell and his team are absolute rock stars. I had a horrific experience with another firm and came into Lowell’s office with very little hope that my divorce would ever be finalized. He took over my case and within 2 months turned it around and got it settled and finalized. They are quick to respond and highly effective. I would recommend them to anyone going through a difficult legal situation, especially divorce. I cannot thank them enough for all they did for my family.”

– Danielle Gorman

“I found myself in a space that wasn’t familiar to me and like most individuals the uncertainty delivered a blow of anxiety that I couldn’t have imagined. Lowell Friedman and his team of amazing professionals not only explained every step of the process but also followed up with me to ensure a level of comfort that allowed me to lower my anxiety and begin to move forward. I am truly thankful for his guidance, professionalism, and understanding.”

– Antonio Green

“I can’t say enough good things about Lowell and his staff. He assisted me with a license restoration. I retained him once for the initial [restricted] license, and we won. The second time for appeal one year later for full privileges, we won. Money well spent. Lowell and his team made the process so easy! I recommend him any day!!”

– Justin

“Mr. Friedman helped me obtain full driving privileges. My situation was a two-step process, a few years apart. Both times his confidence and knowledge gave me peace of mind. I would recommend Mr. Friedman to anyone seeking a DL restoration.”

– Anonymous

“Lowell Friedman is amazing at what he does! In 2017, he helped me vacate a misdemeanor charge (that had previously been dropped from a felony charge) off my record. This charge had been following me for 10 long years. It wasn’t until I walked into the Friedman Law Firm that I began to feel hopeful again. Friedman was very honest, caring, and professional throughout the entire process. Because of his hard work, I’ve been able to enroll/complete nursing school, and sit for the NCLEX, and today I’m proud to say I’m a licensed practical nurse. Thanks again Friedman Law Firm for all you’ve done to help me. I highly recommend Friedman Law Firm.”

– Whitney