Michigan Juvenile Lawyers

Michigan Juvenile Crime Attorneys

Children 17 years of age and younger who violate any municipal, Michigan, or federal law may be charged with committing a juvenile offense. These may include charges such as:

  • alcohol offenses
  • burglary
  • criminal trespass
  • curfew violation
  • disorderly conduct
  • false reporting
  • fraud
  • harassment
  • loitering
  • mischief/criminal nuisance
  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • possession of marijuana
  • possession of stolen property
  • possession of a weapon
  • reckless endangerment
  • resisting an officer
  • running away
  • school disciplinary offense
  • simple assault or battery
  • theft/larceny
  • tobacco offense
  • traffic violation
  • truancy
  • unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
  • vandalism

These offenses may be reported by police or social agencies, schools, or individuals.

What Happens In A Juvenile Court Case

Once an investigation has been initiated by a law enforcement agency, formal charges may be filed in a petition, to help determine jurisdiction. Variables including personal history and the severity of the offense are considered. If the case remains in juvenile court, evidence will then be presented and argued in an adjudicatory hearing. A judge will determine what is in the best interest of the youth. This may include, but is not limited to, confinement, counseling, reimbursement to the victim, and probation.

Possible Consequences Of Michigan Juvenile Criminal Charges

It’s important to remember that juvenile charges can potentially have serious, long-lasting consequences. Depending on the circumstances, juveniles could have their rights taken away, spend time in a detention facility or jail, be excluded from college financial aid, barred from joining the military, be denied public housing or educational opportunities, and perhaps have the justice system involved in their life well into adulthood. If a juvenile is charged with a felony, the Family Court may waive their jurisdiction … and the child could be sentenced as an adult.

Our Michigan Juvenile Attorneys Can Help Protect Your Child’s Future

Michigan law doesn’t require that a juvenile be informed of the consequences of entering a plea of admission or no contest. The Friedman Law Firm wants to help you understand all the options available.

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