Michigan Alimony Lawyers

Michigan Alimony & Spousal Support

Arriving at a spousal support arrangement (also called alimony) that is fair and equitable requires a fair share of financial research and ample review. At Friedman Law Firm, we offer those key services – but we also offer far more in the way of support and guidance.

Individuals seek our help not because of a plan, but because of a plan that shifted course somewhere along the way. Our legal experts help you make sense of the options at hand, using elements of your unique situation to lay forth a new roadmap that equips both parties to move forward, fairly.

Michigan Alimony/Spousal Support Guidelines

In Michigan, spousal support is intended to maintain the standard of living enjoyed by an individual during their marriage. However, the Michigan Spousal Support Guidelines require review of numerous determining aspects. Our Michigan spousal support lawyers will pore through the relevant attributes of your specific case, zeroing in on the matters that matter most. These factors include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age, health, situation, and needs of each spouse
  • The conduct and previous relationships of each spouse
  • The assets, potential to work, ability to pay spousal support, and present situation of each spouse

It is important to note that although Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, fault may indeed be considered in spousal support litigation.

Our Michigan Alimony Lawyers In Royal Oak Can Help

Friedman Law Firm will work tirelessly to secure equitable finances within Michigan’s difficult legal structure so you can move forward. Our experienced Michigan Divorce & Family Law Lawyers know how to navigate the rules to obtain the best determination possible. We have achieved successful results, time and time again. For help with your Michigan spousal support situation, contact the Friedman Law Firm today.