Michigan Assault Crime Lawyers

Michigan Violent Crimes

Cases involving force or any threat of force are referred to as violent crimes. Domestic violence, armed robbery, and sexual assault are a few examples. Arson may also be considered a violent crime, because of the potential for serious injury or death that may result from a fire. Other types of violent crimes may include:

  • armed robbery
  • assault and battery
  • assault with a deadly weapon
  • child abuse or child endangerment
  • gang violence
  • hate crimes
  • homicide/murder
  • kidnapping
  • manslaughter
  • stalking

Consequences Of Michigan Violent Crimes

Due to the serious nature of these actions, the penalties for those found guilty are also very serious. They may involve long-term imprisonment, life imprisonment or even the death penalty in some states. (Michigan is not a state that endorses capital punishment.)

Rights Of The Accused

Under our U.S. Constitution, everyone is entitled to the same constitutional rights and judicial process. Even if you cannot afford a Michigan criminal defense lawyer, one will be assigned to you for free, if the state is trying to take away your freedom. However, it may be in your best interest to hire a lawyer that you choose, to ensure that they have the time and experience to advocate for you in the way that will meet your expectations. Acquiring experienced, dedicated counsel can literally be a matter of life or death for some people.

Get Help From Our Michigan Assault Crime Attorneys

The sooner you retain a professional advisor, the better. Having the Friedman Law Firm work with you from the time of the initial police investigation will help ensure that questions are asked in appropriate ways and that you will not unintentionally incriminate yourself. Even if you are already in a post-conviction phase, the Friedman Law Firm team will use their finely-tuned criminal defense skills and knowledge of Michigan Penal Code, to guide you through the appeals process toward your goals.

If you have been accused of a violent crime, call the Friedman Law Firm today at 248-932-0900. We want to help you tell your side of the story. We will explore the facts of the alleged crime and seek appropriate options.