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At the center of every case in this legal area is one resounding goal: To offer support for the child involved. Our attorneys will work to obtain a fair and reasonable agreement, keeping the child’s best interests at heart and in full light.

How We Can Help With Your Michigan Child Support Case

Though child support cases are very emotional, navigating the legal process requires thorough and careful handling of records and documents, both financial and otherwise. Our staff will lead this process, so you can focus on your family – not filtering through your filing cabinet. Our services include:

  • Establishing child support
  • Preparing for a child support hearing
  • Challenging child support actions
  • Raising or lowering of the amount of child support due

In Michigan, whether married, separated, divorced, or never married, parents must provide financial support to their children. With or without the cooperation or your former spouse, our legal team will work to attain a positive financial partnership and provide your child with the potential to thrive.

Considerations When Determining Michigan Child Support

Child support is primarily governed by each parent’s income, the number of children, and the number of overnights that each parent will have with the minor child(ren). Child support also takes into account factors such as daycare costs, medical expenses, and child support paid to other children. However, there are often even more, hidden issues that can result in inequitable support. Friedman Law Firm will carefully review every factor that impacts your child support case for the best outcome possible.

Our child support lawyers can also help leverage the unique aspects of your case. For instance, a parent whose income falls below the legal poverty line might be eligible for an income adjustment. Additionally, a parent who is not employed may still be held accountable by the court in certain situations. If the individual is choosing not to work or to work for smaller wages or less time, the court may determine the child support amount based on imputed, or potential, income. In these situations, elements such as the parent’s experience and education can play a role in the Michigan child support amount.

Our Michigan Child Support Lawyers In Royal Oak Can Help

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