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For your personal legal matters, an experienced and compassionate law firm can make all the difference. Your legal issue is a crucial event in your life; it’s extremely important to have skilled attorneys working for you—attorneys who are driven to protect your rights … people you can trust. You need a law firm big enough to handle your situation with clout, but small enough to give you personalized attention.

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No Cost Consultations & Payment Plans Available

The Friedman Law Firm was built upon these core concepts and uniquely specializes in the areas of family law and criminal defense. We also understand that attorney fees are seldom planned into a budget. Because of that our initial consultations are always at no cost, and we offer convenient payment plans to help ease the financial burden of expert legal representation.

Michigan Divorce & Family Law Attorneys

When you need legal help for a personal family matter, trust our experienced team of family law attorneys at Friedman Law Firm. We specialize in family law and understand how delicate these matters can be to resolve. We are tough, but compassionate, giving you the personalized legal assistance you need to right the wrongs within your personal life. We handle most aspects of family law, including:

Michigan DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing criminal charges, you need a team of legal experts that are on your side to gain the best outcome possible. At the Friedman Law Firm, you can trust us to help you face your legal battle with a focused, targeted plan of defense. Our experienced criminal attorneys understand how crucial it is to pursue every opportunity to exonerate you from the charges and receive a favorable outcome. Our team works with most areas of criminal law in Michigan, including:

Michigan Driver’s License Restoration & Traffic Violations

Retaining your right to drive can be critical to your livelihood and to your personal freedom. At the Friedman Law Firm, we help our clients fight driving offenses that can jeopardize their license and result in higher costs in insurance and fines. Whether you have lost your license due to past violations or other issues, or are trying to stop a current driving violation from going on your record, our experienced Michigan driving offense attorneys can help. We help with driver’s license restorations, fight moving and non-moving violations and work to reduce penalties and fines for our clients.

Michigan Expungement Lawyers

If you’ve been convicted of a crime in the past, now is your chance for a fresh start. Michigan’s Clean Slate legislation makes it easier to expunge misdemeanors and felonies. With your criminal record sealed and out of the public’s view, you’ll have better opportunities for employment, housing and education. We’re here to help get your criminal record expunged, including cases of:

  • Serious Misdemeanors
  • Crimes Involving Assault
  • Crimes of Dishonesty
  • Offenses Punishable by 10+ Years in Prison
  • Felonies Involving a Minor, Vulnerable Adult, Injury or Serious Impairment, Death or Human Trafficking

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Other Areas of Michigan Law We Can Help With

Although our attorneys specialize in Michigan family and criminal law, our attorneys can also represent our clients in a variety of legal issues. When you need legal advice for bankruptcy issues, estate planning, personal injury or any other matter, let our team help you get the legal counsel you need. If we do not handle a particular type of legal issue, we will find you a reliable attorney from our network of colleagues that can assist you.

Our Michigan Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorneys Go Wherever You Need Us

Located in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan, the Friedman Law Firm is your local experts in the family law and criminal defense arenas in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw, Lapeer, Monroe, Genesee Counties and surrounding areas. When you need legal advice you can trust from an experienced Michigan law firm, call our compassionate team at Friedman Law Firm. We offer no-cost consultations and payment plans for your convenience.

No cost consultations • Payment plans available • Weekend hours by appointment