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Our approach is simple and clear: We will meet with you, at no cost, to fully understand the implications of your charge and develop a strategy to help. That first meeting will show you that at the Friedman Law Firm your defense is our top priority. We want to ease your mind and answer whatever questions you have.

Friedman Law Firm offers expertise in these areas of Michigan criminal law:

Michigan OWI and DUI Charges

Michigan’s stance on drunk driving involves many hard-and-fast rules. However, there is ample room for negotiation within the legal limits. Friedman Law Firm will assess the particulars of your case and push for the results you seek.
Learn how our Michigan DUI Lawyers can help.

Michigan Drug Crime Charges

We specialize in representing clients charged with all types of drug crimes. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys are renowned for protecting clients’ rights in these difficult cases.
Learn how our Drug Crime Attorneys can help.

Michigan Violent Crime Charges

We want to help you tell your side of the story. We will explore the facts of the alleged crime and seek appropriate options. The Friedman Law Firm will work with you from the time of the initial police investigation to strengthen your defense.
Learn how our Violent Crime Lawyers can help.

Michigan Sex Crime Charges

Understanding the sex crime charges against you can be complicated. Whether your case is at the investigative stage or you have already been charged, we will be on your side, advising you and fighting for you.
Learn how our Michigan Sex Crime Attorneys can help.

Michigan Expungement

Expungement means having a public criminal record set aside, or wiped clean, in a court of law. Michigan’s Clean Slate legislation makes it easier to expunge misdemeanors and felonies. Our expungement attorneys can help you navigate the multistep process of expungement. With your criminal record sealed and out of the public’s view, you’ll have more opportunities for employment, housing and education.
Learn how our Michigan Expungement Lawyers can help.

Michigan Retail Fraud

Shoplifting is the most common form of retail fraud. The consequences can negatively affect future financial and employment opportunities. The sooner legal counsel is secured, the better.
Learn how our Shoplifting Lawyers can help.

Michigan Driver’s License Restoration

A driver’s license may be revoked when it is determined that the driver does not possess the physical, mental or other qualifications required to safely operate a motor vehicle. However, even if the driver’s license has been suspended or revoked due an accumulation of driver’s license points or criminal charges such as multiple drunk driving convictions, there is still hope.
Learn how our Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers can help.

Michigan Firearm & Weapons Offenses

Michigan gun law violations can have serious consequences. When it comes to firearm offenses, don’t take chances. Contact the Friedman Law Firm right away. Your reputation, your rights, and your freedom are at risk.
Learn how our Weapons Offense Attorneys can help.

Michigan Drunk & Disorderly Conduct

Being intoxicated in a public place and acting in a way that causes a public disturbance is considered Disorderly Conduct in Michigan. If you are facing this charge, the assistance of an experienced defense lawyer could make the difference between a “guilty” and “not guilty” verdict.
Learn how our Disorderly Conduct Lawyers can help.

Michigan Probation Violations

People can make mistakes. Sometimes the terms of probation were misunderstood. Regardless, the penalties can be serious. We will take the time to do an in-depth investigation of your case, to minimize the consequences.
Learn how our Probation Violation Lawyers can help.

Michigan Juvenile Criminal Offenses

Juvenile charges can have long reaching consequences on your child’s future, beyond that of detention, jail or fines. Protect your child’s rights and future opportunities. We will help you understand the options available.
Learn how our Juvenile Lawyers can help.

Our Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

Regardless of the criminal charges you are facing, we will take the time to listen to you and offer honest legal counsel. We will not back down from a tough legal battle. We understand that your freedom and future are at stake.

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