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It’s never easy, and it’s always emotional. At the Friedman Law Firm, our focus is satisfying clients and maximizing results. We want to meet with you, at no cost at all, so we can thoroughly understand your situation and establish an effective plan.

As attorneys focused on family law, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients. We understand that every case is unique and must be handled that way. Our seasoned counsel will work diligently to achieve your personal goals.

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    Friedman Law Firm offers expertise in these areas of Michigan family law:

    Michigan Divorce Lawyers

    Our compassionate staff understands that no divorce is easy and that every situation is unique. Our divorce attorneys will listen carefully to your singular situation, paying special attention to the aspects that mean the most to you.
    Learn how our Divorce Attorneys can help.

    Michigan Child Custody Lawyers

    Michigan child custody cases require extreme care and extraordinary understanding. At Friedman Law Firm, that is exactly what you will receive.
    Learn how our Child Custody Lawyers can help.

    Michigan Child Support

    Navigating the Michigan child support legal process requires thorough and careful handling of records and documents, both financial and otherwise. Our staff will lead this process, so you can focus on your family, not paperwork.
    Learn how our Child Support Lawyers can help.

    Michigan Spousal Support

    Our legal experts help you make sense of the options at hand, using elements of your unique situation to lay forth a roadmap that equips both parties to move forward, fairly.
    Learn how our Spousal Support Lawyers can help.

    Modification of Existing Child Custody Orders

    Whether you are seeking or contesting the modification of existing orders related to child custody, child support or parenting time, we will always keep the best interests of your child at the forefront of our service.
    Learn how our Child Custody Lawyers can help.

    Michigan Change of Domicile

    A divorced parent with joint custody may not move the children out of the state or beyond 100 miles within the state of Michigan without court approval. Our attorneys have years of experience helping clients substantiate their change of domicile cases.
    Learn how our Child Custody Attorneys can help.

    Michigan Legal Separation Lawyers

    Friedman Law Firm can help you weigh the numerous considerations involved in legal separation or ‘separate maintenance,’ as it is referred to under Michigan law.
    Learn how our Legal Separation Lawyers can help.

    Michigan Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

    Prenups may get a bad rap, but they can bring about positive results. Prenuptial agreements encourage open conversations today that deter conflict in the future. Our experienced family law attorneys can handle your prenuptial agreement with caring and compassion.

    Learn how our our Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers can help.

    Michigan Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys

    Michigan postnuptial agreements can protect the property and property rights of each spouse if a marriage ends. Unlike prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements are settled after marriage, not before. With 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, we have drafted and reviewed hundreds of these legal documents to provide protection for both parties.
    Learn how our Postnuptial Agreement Lawyers can help.

    Our Michigan Divorce & Family Lawyers Can Help

    Whether you need a pep talk or simply want to chat over a cup of coffee, we will take the time to listen to you and offer honest legal counsel. And while we will not back down from a tough legal battle, we will always try to work with the other side to get you the results you need.

    Please call us at 248-932-0900 – or use our contact form – for a free consultation. We look forward to assisting you on your case.

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