Michigan DWLS Lawyers

Michigan Driving With A Suspended License (DWLS) Charges

The Michigan Secretary of State may restrict, suspend or revoke a driver’s license for a variety of reasons. For example, this could happen if you:

  • acquire too many points
  • refuse to take a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test
  • violate insurance laws
  • don’t comply with a court order
  • use your vehicle to commit a felony

Driving With A Suspended License (DWLS) In Michigan

If your license has been suspended, that means that a time period has been defined with “from” and “through” dates, during which driving is not allowed at all. The duration of the suspension depends on the specifics of the offense. Application to the Department of Motor Vehicles for reinstatement is not allowed for a minimum of one year following the “through” date.

Penalties For Driving With A Suspended License In Michigan

If you choose to drive while your license has been suspended, you risk a misdemeanor charge and the possibility of having your operator’s license revoked – a complete termination of the privilege to drive on the road – for an indefinite amount of time. If a driver is caught driving with a suspended license, they will certainly get a ticket. They may also have to pay up to $500, serve 93 days in jail, or both, if it is a first offense. If injury or death resulted while driving with a suspended license, penalties may be amplified. A rise in insurance premiums or even policy cancellation is a possibility. Continued offenses could result in bigger fines, longer jail time, license plate confiscation and even vehicle immobilization for up to three years.

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