Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers

Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Hearings

Once you are eligible for a Michigan driver’s license restoration hearing, our Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers will work diligently to prepare your license reinstatement case. We will begin by gathering the required information and documentation – including the Substance Abuse Evaluation, 12-panel drug screen, Affidavit, and up to six character letters – which need to be prepared prior to your hearing. It is vitally important that you can provide sufficient proof that you are no longer a danger on the road, especially if you lost your license due to driving under the influence.

Friedman Law Firm has learned from experience that each Hearing Officer is different and, as such, will approach the restoration hearing in his or her own way. While one Hearing Officer may see a specific piece of information or evidence as important, another may see it as of little or no significance. Our familiarity with our local courts and Hearing Officer always works to the advantage of our clients.

Preparing For Your Driver’s License Restoration Hearing

Your legal counsel will help you navigate the complicated process of preparing for your driver’s license restoration hearing.

The paperwork alone can be overwhelming. We will help you gather and complete your necessary forms and letters, including these important pieces of information:

  • Your substance abuse evaluation, completed by a state-licensed substance abuse counselor
  • Your 12-panel drug screening results
  • Up to six-character reference letters from friends and family, co-workers, and/or neighbors who either can support the counseling/therapy that you’ve completed, that you are now sober and other details of your path to sobriety
  • Your evidence of support, showing that you’re taking sobriety seriously, from sources such as AA or a counselor.
  • Documentation showing any inpatient treatment and relapse history

We are here to guide you along the way and make sure you have all the documentation you need for your hearing.

Navigating Questions in a Driver’s License Restoration Hearing

Driver’s license restoration hearings can be won or lost due to improperly completed paperwork, mistaken facts about your prior offenses, and/or careless testimony during the Hearing. While many of the questions may seem straightforward, the Hearing Officer is probing for information which will determine whether you are fit to operate a motor vehicle. For instance, the Hearing Officer may ask you about personal relationships, including relationships with people who were involved in any incident that contributed to the loss of your license. As your legal counsel, Friedman Law Firm will assist you in preparing well thought out answers to establish your credibility and a commitment to change.

One of our most unique and beneficial practices is to connect with you approximately seven to ten days before your hearing, and conduct a meeting in our office to properly prepare and practice your testimony.

Guidance from Our Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers

At Friedman Law Firm, we are well versed in the types of questions the reinstatement hearing officer will ask of you. Our Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyers will help you prepare your answers to standard questions, as well as provide you with coaching on how to answer any unexpected questions. Our years of experience representing drivers in driver’s license restoration hearings is a strong advantage for every client we represent.

The Right Attorneys For Your Driver’s License Restoration Hearing Are Here For You

Our attorneys at Friedman Law Firm are dedicated to making sure the driver’s license restoration process goes smoothly for you. Our years of experience help us guide you so there are no surprises along the way. Our extensive knowledge of Michigan laws and processes, and even the specific people you’ll encounter makes us the right choice for you.

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