Michigan Divorce Lawyers

Divorce In Michigan

Divorce can seem like an endless maze, with little hope of escape. In 2012, almost 7 percent of every 1,000 Michigan residents experienced this frustration firsthand. If you are one of nearly 30,000 people in this stressful situation – Friedman Law Firm can help. Our compassionate staff understands that no divorce is easy and that every situation is unique.

Michigan No-Fault Divorce Law

Michigan is a no-fault state. That means neither party can legally place blame or claim fault. Despite the no-fault distinction, Michigan divorce cases are not without great emotion. Our divorce lawyers will listen carefully to your singular situation, paying special attention to the aspects that mean the most to you.

Divorce Considerations

Whatever the case, several considerations must be taken under advisement in Michigan. These standard areas of interest include support, property, debts, medical coverage, education expenses, and custody. In these areas, Friedman Law Firm is experienced and adept.

Requirements For Filing For Divorce In Michigan

Did you know? A party filing for divorce must also have resided in Michigan for the previous 180 days or 6 months and documentation is required. We can help with that, too. From gathering paperwork to projecting future financial needs, our small, dedicated team will help guide you through this delicate process.

Judgment Of Divorce

In many instances, parties are able to come to a settlement. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, your county’s circuit court determines the final terms of the dissolution. The conditions are laid out in a Judgment of Divorce (JOD). To arrive at the determination, many aspects of the marriage are reviewed, including each person’s actions and acquisitions. Certain aspects of the future will also be considered, such what is required for the continued well being of any children involved.

Our Michigan Divorce Attorneys Can Help

Our Michigan divorce attorneys will ensure that your situation is accurately conveyed and adequately defended, to give you the very best Michigan divorce outcome possible. Contact us today at 248-932-0900 or use our contact form.