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Michigan Parole And Probation – What’s The Difference?

Both parole and probation allow certain freedoms in exchange for compliance with strict rules – for a predetermined amount of time.

Michigan Parole

Individuals on parole have served at least a portion of their sentence in prison or jail, and then are granted permission to leave the confines of prison or jail, but with specific conditions. Michigan parolees are under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Michigan Probation

Those who are on probation also have to live within the parameters of set requirements, but they have not served prison or jail time for the recent offense. Michigan probationers are under the jurisdiction of the local courts.

Michigan Parole And Probation Violation Hearings

There are many common violations that may result in a hearing. Have you or someone you know:

  • missed an appointment with a probation or parole officer
  • missed a court appearance
  • been accused of another crime
  • relocated without officer approval
  • failed a drug or alcohol test
  • failed to complete a court order

Possible Consequences Of Michigan Parole & Probation Violations

People can make mistakes. Sometimes their best intentions are knocked off course by circumstances out of their control. Perhaps the terms of parole or probation were misunderstood.

However, regardless of why parole or probation conditions are not met, the punishments can be serious; depending on your history, the severity of the violation and the quality of your defense. That’s why it’s important to be represented by an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer.

Our Michigan Criminal Lawyers Can Help

If you will be attending a parole or probation violation hearing, you can benefit from working with the Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers at Friedman Law Firm. We will take the time to do an in-depth investigation of your case; to minimize the consequences by identifying the proper defense for your particular situation.