Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers

Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Appeals

Convictions for reckless driving, operating while under the influence, or charges for substance abuse can lead to a revoked driver’s license. Once your license is revoked, it is up to you to prove that you are once again able to drive safely and in accordance with Michigan laws. And if you lost your license because of an alcohol or drug offenses, you will not have your driver’s license reinstated without attending a Driver’s License Appeal Hearing.

In all cases, you will need to provide satisfactory evidence that you are remaining sober if you hope to win back your license. While you can try to restore your driver’s license on your own, it is wise to retain an experience law firm to assist you with this process to achieve a favorable result. In fact, if you do not win your Appeal Hearing, you are prohibited from filing another appeal for a minimum of 12 months.

Therefore, it is critical that you don’t do this on your own. Our Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers can guide you through this process and place you in the best position to obtain a winning result!

Applying for a Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Appeal Hearing

After we assess your eligibility to proceed with this process, we will critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your Appeal to immediately take steps and provide meaningful recommendations to place you in the best position possible to prevail.

We are required to submit a request for a hearing through the Driver’s License Appeal Division (DAAD) of the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS).

There are a number of documents which are absolutely crucial to arguing your case. Some examples include a thorough and accurate Affidavit, details of any programs you have successful completed, statements from up to six reputable character witnesses, and any inpatient treatment you have received to address your alcohol or drug abuse. Again, we can guide you in collecting these documents for presentation at your hearing.

This may include documentation of driving classes and letters of support from your employer or other credible members of the community.

Revoked Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Appeal Preparation

The DAAD provides guidelines on the process, information and documents you will need, and what is expected of you during your hearing. Our office will assist you in understanding the process of preparing your documents. We will explain what questions to expect during the hearing to help you feel prepared and at ease. We will make sure that information presented at your hearing is clear and concise, supporting your competency as a driver and commitment to a change in behavior.

Here are some of the key documents you’ll need at a Michigan driver’s license reinstatement hearing:

  • Current (dated within 3 months of appeal submission date) substance abuse evaluation by a licensed counselor
  • A 12-panel drug screen
  • Affidavit
  • Three to six community support letters that demonstrate your path to sobriety and other changes in character and/or behavior
  • Proof of attendance at support meetings
  • Documentation showing any inpatient treatment and relapse history
  • Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) report from your vendor (if seeking full restoration of your driver’s license)

Seasoned Help As You Prepare For Your Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Appeal Hearing

Your Michigan driver’s license restoration appeal hearing is designed to give you the opportunity to prove you are not a danger on the road any longer. This is especially important if you lost your driver’s license due to driving under the influence. The hearing officers will ask questions and evaluate your answers. Driver’s license reinstatement hearings in Michigan are won or lost during this period of questioning. As seasoned Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys, the Friedman Law Firm has the experience to prepare you for questioning.

You can expect to field questions about:

  • Your personal living conditions
  • Your personal relationships
  • The influence others have over you
  • Your past driving record
  • Your past interactions with law enforcement
  • Your drinking habits
  • How you observe major celebrations
  • Any rehabilitative efforts
  • Driving while your license has been revoked

As each hearing officer is different, they will each place importance on different questions and acceptable answers. Some evidence will carry more significant weight with some officers than with others. The Friedman Law Firm is familiar with the local courts and hearing officers, and we know how to prepare our clients. With our guidance, you will be prepared to offer intelligent, factual and convincing answers to any questions you may expect. Your answers will be designed to support your credibility and show evidence of a change in your behavior and character.

Our Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Attorneys Can Help

A revoked driver’s license is a serious matter. Contact Friedman Law Firm for help from our experienced Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers in preparing for your driver’s license reinstatement hearing. We have the expertise to navigate the complicated application and hearing process. With our guidance and representation, you will have all the tools you need to successfully fight your case.