Michigan Disorderly Conduct Lawyers

Michigan Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissal

Disorderly conduct covers many acts that are considered disruptive or disturbing of the peace. The charge is usually a misdemeanor and is often used as a “catch-all” for behavior that is deemed unruly. In Michigan, disorderly conduct charges cover a wide variety of issues, some that can be vague or left to the interpretation of the arresting officer. At Friedman Law Firm, we can help you dispute and fight a disorderly conduct charge to keep this off your permanent record. The vague definitions of behavior fitting the charge of disorderly conduct opens the door for challenges to the charge and higher rates of dismissal in court.

Fighting for Dismissal of Michigan Disorderly Conduct Charges

At Friedman Law Firm, we understand the best ways to fight Michigan disorderly conduct charges and can help you pursue either a dismissal of the charges or a “not guilty” verdict. Our lawyers will sift through the evidence and find the best way to fight your case to have the charged dismissed or reduced to keep your record clear of this misdemeanor or felony charge. There are many different tactics we can use to fight this charge to the advantage of our client. Using our knowledge of the law and applying it to your specific circumstances, we can help you achieve the best outcome in your case.

Reasons for Michigan Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissal

As you read the list of offenses that can be considered disorderly conduct in Michigan, the openness to interpretation becomes obvious. Many times, the disorderly conduct charges are dismissed for a lack of evidence or because of inconsistency in the testimonies of the witnesses involved. Other times it is a violation of the individual’s rights by law enforcement officers that we can present to the court when requesting a dismissal of the charges.

When our attorneys at Friedman Law Firm are unable to achieve a disorderly conduct dismissal for these reasons, we will then argue for a not-guilty verdict based on other grounds. These may be that the defendant has a justifiable reason for his actions or that the crime cannot be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Disorderly Conduct Penalties In Michigan

Most disorderly conduct charges are misdemeanors with possibly jail time, fines, probation and other penalties attached to this charge. You can face up to $500 in fines, 90 days in jail, community service, random drug/alcohol testing and a permanent record. The penalties can be more severe if you have previously been found guilty of other crimes.

Felony disorderly conduct is much more serious. First time offenders can face up to two years in jail and up to $5,000 in fines. Subsequent convictions can lead to up to four years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. Engaging an experienced disorderly conduct attorney can lower your risk of experiencing these penalties.

Contact Our Michigan Disorderly Conduct Attorneys For Help

If you are charged with Michigan disorderly conduct, this mar on your record can follow you for a lifetime. Let our experienced Michigan Disorderly Conduct Lawyers at Friedman Law Firm help you get a disorderly conduct dismissal or “not guilty” verdict to remove this incident from your name. Call our team to schedule a consultation with one of our Michigan Disorderly Conduct Lawyers to discuss your case. We are on your side and will fight to protect your reputation and record.